What My Clients Say

I started a private practice almost 5 years ago. For the first 2 years, I managed, but honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. Then, Mikella was referred to me by another therapist. The first year I used her I was in crisis. It was the beginning of March, my Mom was placed in Hospice & I was in Houston, not able to return to Austin. I had never even met her & she immediately jumped in to help & completed our taxes. After that year, she sat with me patiently & walked me through the best way to set up my bookkeeping & answered all of my questions. Mikella is a ROCK STAR & I have recommended her to many of my friends (therapists & not) & will continue to do so. She truly is amazing at what she does!
Amanda Kerley
Mikella is an excellent CPA, fast, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and also a great person. She helped me get my small business up and running, answered all my questions, helped with organization and documents, the works. I couldn't have asked for a better CPA, Mikella truly cares and goes above and beyond! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding CPA.
John Evans
Mikella was very accomodating and professional. She took our appointment late in the tax season and was very patient when we needed to reschedule. She was able to answer all of my questions without making me feel stupid and had my return in my inbox by noon on the same day. Like most people, I am extremely busy and value my time. It was such a relief to know that my taxes were being taken care of by someone who was knowledgeable about taxes and understands that your time is valuable. I would highly recommend MiIkella.
Rachel van Lear
Mikella is such a wonderful CPA. Another therapist recommended her to me a year ago, and I finally feel like I’m in great hands! Tackling the business side of my practice has always been daunting, but Mikella has been so helpful every step of the way. She is warm and professional and patiently explains things to me so that I can have the healthiest, most profitable business possible. She handles my taxes and QuickBooks and helped me change from a Sole Proprietor to an LLC and be taxed as an S-Corp. I highly recommend her!
Cristina Hidrobo
Mikella is extremely professional and proficient! I am in private practice as a mental health therapist and I was looking for someone who could help me to feel confident in my books. Mikella creates the reports that are helpful to me in growing my business, and is always there to kindly answer questions. I feel very blessed to have found her! I was also very nervous about filing taxes this year, since it is my first year self-employed, and she made it so painless 🙂 If you are looking for someone you can trust, who is passionate about what they do and the quality of their work, then I would suggest calling Mikella immediately! I feel like she really cares about me and my business. Also, her prices are very reasonable and your peace of mind is completely worth the cost. Mikella is just a genuinely sweet, down-to-earth person, that did not make me feel inadequate about my lack of knowledge about my QB/accounting/taxes,etc. and I value and appreciate that very much 🙂
T. Beverly
Mikella is hands down an excellent find, in my search for a CPA after moving to Austin, TX. She’s extremely competent, professional, highly efficient, and knows the tax code inside out. A no-nonsense CPA, and was very flexible to work around my busy schedule. She has a friendly and approachable demeanor and at the same time is genuine to her profession. To sum it up, all I can say is, Mikella is a class act and an ‘awesome’ accountant, and I couldn’t have been happier to have found her, to take care of my personal/business taxes and bookkeeping/accounting needs. To have peace of mind and get your taxes done right, look no further — Mikella is the best.
Kumar A.
I've been working with Mikella for several years now. She is SO personable and SO pro-active. For me, she's been just the right kind of person to work with. It's definitely the personal touch that puts her over the edge. On multiple occasions she's gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I don't miss a deadline, or to help keep all my books in order. I highly highly highly recommend her.
Robin Arnott
Being a self-employed individual, taxes have never been my friend. On my own, it was too easy for me to fall behind and feel over my head. Then a good friend introduced me to Mikella after she helped him with a similar financial situation. From the very first call (which she didn't charge me for) I already had confidence and a plan of attack for my situation that I've never had. Again, she did this for no charge, just because she cares. It's a Godsend to find a professional whose work is led by their heart. Mikella is one of those. Going forward, I would never consider another CPA. All you need is one call with her to feel the same.
Nick Sparks
We have been with Mikella since 2012. We had moved to Austin in Oct. 2011. She kindly accepted us as clients even though April 15th was very close. Mikella has ALWAYS been very efficient, knowledgeable and prompt in completing our taxes. We highly recommend her and will continue to have her do our taxes as long as we are in Austin.
Sheryl Gephart
Mikella was an amazing find! I had other CPAs quoting me well over $500 just to figure out extremely basic tax questions and she was able to handle all of my questions and help set up my books in an hour! I had no problem asking questions and getting answers I actually understood since numbers and I are not on speaking terms. Absolutely recommend if you want a great representation of a personal professional experience that was responsive and genuinely seemed to enjoy our time together.
Sarah Wilson
I have been a customer of Mikella for several years. She has been consistently responsive, timely, patient with my organization short comings, and helpful. She has been flexible as my business needs changed and offers me options to take care of tasks for me or teach me how to do it myself. She is worth every dime and probably more.
Priscilla Elliott
Mikella is the guardian angel of the tax world here in Austin. You probably don't know how badly you need her. Unless you are a total tax nerd already, but she'll probably still kick your butt in that department. If you have no idea how to do your taxes, call her. If you kinda know how to do your taxes, still call her. If you have a small business and want to save hundreds of manhours every year NOT doing your bookkeeping but still have super accurate books, call her right now. She's an absolute lifesaver in more ways than this text box will allow me to explain. I've gone through 3 accountants who all took months and months getting my stuff done. She got all my books cleaned up and filed all my taxes in under two weeks. She's precise and accurate and detailed and communicative and also a totally awesome lady. She's literally my favorite person I've ever worked with in my entire business career.
Lauren A.
I've been working with Mikella for over 5 years. She has helped me through many stages in growing my mental health therapy practice. Her knowledge and expertise..as well has her winning attitude (and adorable office mate-Tula)...has made her a pleasure to work with and a valued member of my team. I highly recommend her.
Samantha Bray
Mikella Maughan did a great job on our personal and corporate tax returns. We were under a tight deadline and she turned them around quickly. While I may have been stressed out about it, she remained calm and professional. Lucky to have her as my accountant.
Rick Wiley
My husband and I walked into Mikella’s office Years ago with a mess of books and records for a new business. She has handled absolutely everything for us along with our personal taxes. Professional, friendly, and most important she works for you to keep what you work for.
Kristen Hollaway
Mikella has single-handedly restored my faith in accountants. I have had a streak of horrible luck finding someone to help me with my small business and the past two accountants I've had completely destroyed my Quickbooks. I immediately got good vibes from her from our initial call and then again in person. She's sweet, polite, friendly and patient... all things I really needed at this point. She discovered just how horrible my QB situation was and didn't talk down to me, didn't overwhelm me but instead she just took her time to actually explain things to me (which NO ONE had ever done). She set me up with a plan to move forward and has been teaching me all the basics I had never learned. I am seeing changes in my books for the first time and I'm confident I can get my business numbers back on track now. I tell her often how much I appreciate her and how much she just ROCKS IT! And I mean it, I seriously just don't know what I would have done without her. THANK YOU!!!!
Melissa Johanson
Mikella was great! Even with a tight deadline, she was quick and efficient. She let us know all of the documents needed and processed as soon as we provided. Organized and professional correspondence. Couldn't be happier with the results!
Robyn Massey
Sometimes as a business owner I get stumped by tax forms and when I recently got a notice that I had neglected to file a Franchise Tax annual return, which I didn't know existed in my business, I panicked. With only 2 left to file, I asked Mikella for help and she was my instant hero. Not only did she take the fear out of the unknown, she broke it down into easy terms to understand and talked me through it. And as it turns out, I didn't owe anything after all and I just needed to fill out 2 very short forms and drop them in the mail. Within about an hour of back and forth questions and texts, we had it all sorted out and I was back to taking care of business. She is a CPA with integrity and heart.
Lauren Jordan
Mikella did an amazing job for my small business. This was our first year filing for our small business and we definitely could not have done it without Mikella's professionalism and helpful recommendations. I definitely recommend her services.
Adrian Olvera
I cannot recommend Mikella's work highly enough! She has not only been informative and thorough in her work, but has been able to personalize her work for me in its attention to my specific issues. She is wonderful at listening and understanding and her ethics are beyond reproach.
David Mahler
Mikella is the best CPA. I have been working with her for many years. I highly recommend using her for your tax returns!
Sambhav Puri
Mikella Maughan CPA completed my taxes on time as promised.. She is very organized and methodical professional. Furthermore she is very kind and pleasant. I recommend her if one is looking for a great CPA in Austin! She is definitely a Five Star.
Khalid Shiekh
Mikella has done my taxes for several years, and every time has been a huge relief for me. She is easy to work with, exceptionally skilled, and very professional. I trust her absolutely, and highly recommend her.
John Langenfeld
Mikella was professional and a pleasure to work with. Adaptable to my schedule, Mikella was not fazed by the idiosyncrasies that arose and the whole process was quick and painless. Would highly recommend.
Sam Bond
Mikella has not only made it to where I have felt seen and heard for my Tax needs, she has helped me get motivated to educate myself to have better book keeping and I have just felt supported through the whole process. Thank you Mikella you are appreciated mor Ethan you know!!
Slade S
Knowledgable, friendly and good at training to use a new system! In just a couple of days, Mikella helped me set up QuickBooks online for our business and we were up and running. 5 Stars!!!!
Ron Banuelos
Five stars for Mikella; she does a great job with our book keeping and taxes... I went with her when I started my business 7 years ago this month.
Chris Ruoff
Very professional and knowledgeable CPA. I had a very complex tax situation that she completed quickly and accurately. I will definitely use Mikella for future needs!
Gus Kohn
Fantastic. She has taken the pain out of our tax prep. Accurate and quick to respond to any question. So happy to have been referred to a competent and afforadable CPA after four tries with four other CPA's.
Tim Harrington, D.C. Leonora Landers , D.C.
Mikella is great! She is very friendly and fit me in at the end of the day on very short notice. Great service and extremely responsive.
Paul Grignon
Loved working with Mikella! She was friendly, attentive, and on top of things. Definitely recommend!
Alicia Rios
Mikella did a wonderful job helping me set up my payroll, I'm so glad I came across her firm to help me get my business going in the right direction.
Cadillac Kirkland
Mikella is superb. I've been seeking the right CPA to establish rapport with for not only tax purposes but also for future endeavors. Mikella from the start has been honest, transparent, values time, patient, understanding, and personable since meeting and hiring her. Her process is fluid and fast. She listened to all of my questions and diligently helped me with the upmost professionalism and compassion.

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